Lesson 1. Mass Media

Hello, everyone! Today we are going to discuss 5 questions according to the topic “Mass Media”.

1. TV, newspaper, radio. Which of these does your family like?

Mass media play an important role in the life of society. Mass media include various types of media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

TV is a favourite mass medium in my family. It gives my family the opportunity to see the best actors, sport matches, to meet famous people. We learn about different countries, people and their customs, traditions, achievements and problems. TV helps us to relax after a hard day. We watch different talk-shows, TV games, concerts, feature films and serials.

I think TV is the most popular mass medium but we should choose only useful programs.
We have come into a digital age. Nowadays the most popular mass medium is the Internet. You can find computers, laptops, iPads and mobiles in every house. A lot of people can’t live without the Internet. We chat, find useful information and the latest news in the Internet.
In conclusion I should say that nowadays you can be informed even if you live in the Sahara desert.

2. Is there any means of communication you can’t live without?

I’m absolutely sure that we can’t live without communication. Good communication skills can help you to make friends or to find a well-paid and interesting job. But today people don’t need a personal contact to communicate. We have the Internet. The Internet is the most powerful and popular means of communication. Nowadays many people can’t live without the Internet. They watch films and videos, listen to music and, of course, chat not only with friends, but also with strangers.

I think the Internet is the only most effective means of communication and only the Internet can exist in future. I personally can’t live without the Internet and my mobile phone. New mobile phone models are becoming more and more effective and productive which increases the level of interactivity. I buy things, download music, watch films, do my homework and write letters to my friends and relatives on the Internet. So, I’m sure the Internet is very useful today.

3. What questions will you ask people who live without a TV-set, computer or radio?

1. Why do you live without mass media?
2. How do you spend your free time?
3. Is it hard to live without mass media?
4. Would you like to have a TV set?
5. How do you get the news?
6. How do you communicate with friends and relatives who live abroad?

4. My cousin spends a lot of time chatting in VKontakte and it makes all the family angry. What can you advise him/her and the family to do in this situation?

First of all, you should tell your cousin that using the Internet a lot causes social isolation and ruins eyesight. Having so many friends in «Contact» doesn’t mean that they are your real friends. Chatting with these people takes a lot of free time. Instead of surfing the Internet you should spend time with relatives and friends. It will be more useful for you to walk in the street, to go to a cafe or to the cinema together.

5. Some people believe that success at work depends on how good your communication skills are. What is your point of view?

Some people think that success at work depends on our communication skills. I’m sure it’s necessary to have good communication skills to be a success. We meet a lot of people every day and we need to be friendly, polite and understanding.

Проверка знаний. Let’s Practice.

А сейчас выполните Задание 1 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
And now do the Task 1 «Answer the questions»:

Task 1

Выполните Задание 2 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
Do the Task 2 «Answer the questions»:

Task 2

Внимание! В Задании 2 можно вставлять только звуковые файлы размером не более 10 Мб.