Lesson 1. International cooperation

Hello, everyone! Today we are going to discuss 5 questions according to the topic «International cooperation»!

1. What significance does international cooperation have for Belarus?

International relations have always been a significant part of the policy of the Republic of Belarus. Belarus maintains diplomatic relations with 177 countries of the world and is represented today by foreign offices in 59 states.

Our country is also renowned for the International Festival of Arts “Slavyansky Bazar”. It is held annually in Vitebsk. Once started as a local festival of Slavonic song folklore, it became international in 1995 and continues broadening the geography of its participants.

Modern Belarus is a sovereign European state with a peaceful foreign policy. Moreover, our country contributes a lot to strengthening
international security and stability.

2. Is it important for Belarus to organize International events? Why?

Undoubtedly, organizing international events is very beneficial for our country. On the one hand, it gives us an opportunity to introduce our country to the world, promote our culture and national identity. On the other hand, it improves our cooperation with other countries. We can exchange experience, seek the support and gain new ideas.

3. You are going to Britain as an exchange student. Ask questions about the exchange programme.

How can I apply for this programme? Which documents do I need to submit? What requirements does it have for students? How much does it cost? Can students be provided with scholarships?

4. Give advice to your friend who is hosting a foreign student.

Hosting foreign students is a unique opportunity to find out more about other cultures and to find new friends from all around the world! But there are some relevant points which you should bear in mind if you decide to host a foreign student. First of all, make him/her feel welcome by introducing to your friends and family. It may sound strange but engaging your guest in the household chores will let him/her be part of the family. Secondly, think of the activities which can be interesting for your guest and will make his/her stay in Belarus unforgettable.Thirdly, it will be a good idea to learn about the social etiquette in the exchange student’s country. It can help to avoid awkward situations.

5. Social networking is a convenient way to keep in touch with foreign friends and a good possibility to develop cooperation. What do you think about it?

It’s common knowledge that social networking has got enormous popularity nowadays. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have an account in Facebook, Whatsapp or Viber. It’s a rapid and convenient means of communication. And it makes it really easy to stay in touch with foreign friends. Besides usual messages and images, most networks allow exchanging audio and video messages with each other. Though, social networks have some drawbacks too. They can’t be compared with live communication after all. And sometimes the image created by a person in Internet space can differ from a real one.

Проверка знаний. Let’s Practice.

А сейчас выполните Задание 1 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
And now do the Task 1 «Answer the questions»:

Task 1

Выполните Задание 2 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
Do the Task 2 «Answer the questions»:

Task 2

Внимание! В Задании 2 можно вставлять только звуковые файлы размером не более 10 Мб.