Lesson 1. Modern Means of Communication


Hello, everyone!

Look at the names of the unit and the lesson. What are we going to discuss today?

Yes, right. We’ll learn to give information about means of communication which are great inventions.

What devices do you have now? Show and say.

I’ve got a mobile phone.

I’ve got a tablet.

I’ve got a laptop.

I’ve got headphones.

Have you used any means of communication today yet? What means? What for?

I’ve used my mobile phone (computer) today. I’ve sent some fast messages to my friends.

I’ve used Twitter to communicate with my relatives.

I’ve used Facebook to communicate with my best friend.

Here are some new words to our topic:

Listen, repeat and remember!

affect оказывать влияние
available доступный
communication общение
contradiction противоречие
deliver доставлять
device устройство
efficient эффективный
improve улучшать
network сеть
portable переносной
quality качество
receive получать
reliable надежный
remote удаленный
replace заменять
satellite спутник
source источник
successful успешный
technology технология
wire провод, телеграф


And now let’s discuss 5 questions according to the topic “Means of Communication”.

1. What modern means of communication are the most popular nowadays?

When we talk about modern means of communication we think about the Internet and mobile phones. Mobile phone technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. Portable devices such as mobile phones and interactive tablet PCs are used for person-to-person interactions, conducting meetings, business communication or just chatting.

With the help of modern mobile phones you can send and download documents, listen to music, watch films or send fast messages to your friends or classmates.

With the help of the Internet you can connect with other people wherever they are. The Internet is used for sending and receiving emails, file sharing, online chats, online gaming, phone and video chats. Text messaging is the most convenient, fastest and cheapest form of communication. That’s why social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become so popular over the last few years.

Our life is becoming more and more comfortable with all the new means of communication but they should be used very carefully.

2. Do you agree that we can’t live without communication?

I’m absolutely sure that we can‘t live without communication. Good communication skills can help to make friends or to find a well-paid and interesting job. But today people don’t always need a personal contact to communicate as they have the Internet.

The Internet is the most powerful and popular means of communication. Nowadays many people, especially my classmates can’t live without the Internet. They watch films and videos, listen to music and, of course, chat not only with friends, but also with strangers.

3. What is the role of computers in our life?

I think the Internet can surely be considered the most significant invention in the sphere of communication. Nowadays the computer and the Internet have become such an inseparable part of our daily routine and the people can’t imagine their life without using them every day.

A computer is a gadget that helps to store and transmit every data over long distances and perform multiple operations in a single unit. Almost all computers are connected to the Internet, a world-wide network of computerized devices and servers that has brought many benefits to people, including opportunities for education, business, entertainment and communication.

4. Your friend can’t live without his mobile phone. What questions would you ask him?

  1. What features does your smartphone have?
  2. How important is your mobile phone for you?
  3. Do you use a messaging application?
  4. Do you send and receive many text messages?
  5. What are your favorite functions on cell phones?
  6. What functions would you like to see on your cell phone?
  7. When and where do you switch off your cell phone?
  8. Have you ever changed operator?
  9. What would your life be like without your mobile phone?
  10. Do you remember your first mobile phone?
  11. Are you happy with the mobile phone you have?
  12. What is the ringtone on your cell phone?

5. What is your attitude to mobile phones? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?

Mobile phones are significantly different from traditional land line phones as they have access to the Internet and are equipped with numerous features that are of great help to the user. But like any coin has two sides, a mobile phone has both advantages and disadvantages.

Mobiles help us a lot in our daily life. With the help of your mobile phone you can be in constant contact with your family, friends, colleagues and employers. Numerous apps help to keep you both entertained and informed. You can watch videos and movies, read books, book a taxi, learn weather forecast and the latest news, send e-mail and use your phone like a camera.

The most obvious disadvantage of a mobile phone is that a person can become addicted to it. Long hours spent on using a mobile phone can lead to a person’s isolation and increase in communication gap. Nowadays it’s very common to see a group of people spending time together but at the same time looking at their phones instead of each other.

I’m sure that using mobile phones wisely won’t do you harm.

Проверка знаний. Let’s Practice.

А сейчас выполняем Задание 1 «Выберите правильный ответ»:
And now do the Task 1 «Choose the correct answer»:

Task 1

Выполняем Задание 2 «Переведите слова на английский язык»:
Do the Task 2 «Translate the words into English»:

Task 2

Выполняем Задание 3 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
Do the Task 3 «Answer the questions»:

Task 3

Выполняем Задание 4 «Ответьте на вопросы»:
Do the Task 4 «Answer the questions»:

Task 4

Внимание! В Задании 4 можно вставлять только звуковые файлы размером не более 10 Мб.